My Journey to Finding Inner Peace (2)

One day, I was driving through an unknown small beach in Barcelona, ​​its breathtaking view made me got off for a little stroll.  A mixture of coffee aroma together with a pleasant but unknown scent had guided me to a small European-style stone house between the trees. The brown-red wooden doors and windows, in contrast to the grey-white cement wall, were rather harmonious.  To my surprise, it’s a little Coffee House!  How could I resist?  So I was delighted and entered the Café without hesitation. 
The interior was decorated with colourful mosaics with an open-air seating area.  On the right hand side of the coffee table, there is a small area selling coffee pots, handmade soaps, tarot cards, unique gifts, etc.  What caught my attention most was a small station stocked with mindful and meditation gifts on the far end corner.  There, I spotted a pile of small wooden sticks on a ceramic tray, I picked up a stick and its pleasant scent resembled the aroma that brought me here! 

At this time, a shop assistant came up and greeted me in Spanish.  She then gave me a leaflet and pointed me to a room with lace door curtains behind the coffee house.  The leaflet was in Spanish, all I could understand were some dates and times, so I gathered it’s some kind of workshop.  Since there’s still some time till the next session, I decided to sit down and enjoy a coffee first.

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