My Journey to Finding Inner Peace (3)

沒多久,一位似是導師的女士進來跟大家打招呼。當她看見我這個亞洲面孔時,便以英語跟我談話。原來這是一個有關冥想的工作坊。導師問我有沒有上過這類工作坊,我答有。可是效果卻並不理想,難以進入狀態。也許是我太多雜亂思緒吧!接著她問:那麼有沒有興趣再試試?我想,反正有的是時間,於是答道:「Why not?」
About half an hour later, I saw some people started entering the room, mostly women of different age groups; I too followed them along into the room.  The room was simply decorated with a few crystal decors and a divine ceramic tray on a low-rise cabinet.  Those entered were already sitting quietly on the floor. 
Not long after, a lady who seemed to be the mentor came in and greeted everyone. Perhaps I was the only Asian-looking faces in the room, so she came over, greeted me in English and told me that it’s a Meditation Workshop.  She wondered if I’d ever attended such workshop, I told her I had but it wasn’t a great experience, maybe my mind wandered too much!  She then asked if I’d be interested in giving it a go again.  I paused for a moment and said, “Why not?”


We were asked to first find a comfortable sitting position, so everyone sit up nicely, had their eyes closed and continued to follow the instructions.  She then took out a small wood stick (seemed like the ones I saw at the Coffee House) from her little pouch, ignited it with a lighter until it formed a light smoke, and placed it on the ceramic tray above the cabinet. The light, aromatic smoke slowly filled the entire room with a pleasant, woody scent reminiscent of citrus.  

Indulging in the therapeutic calming scent, I gradually closed my eyes, whilst enjoying the breeze and the warm sunlight shining through the door curtains.  After a few deep breaths, I had entered into the meditative state.

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