My Journey to Finding Inner Peace (5)

於是,我在歐洲買了很多不同類型的Palo Santo,以及它的精油。回到香港後,仍然每晚持續使用。感覺是:情緒相對平靜了;晚上相對熟睡了。所以我無論做冥想、瑜珈,甚至在辦公室,也有使用Palo Santo的習慣。
當然, Palo Santo絕對不是甚麼仙丹妙藥。只是我在使用後,情緒上確實感到有所改善。因此也希望為這個緊張都市的朋友們,帶來一點舒緩的途經。於是,我入手了個人認為質量較高、可持續性的Palo Santo精油給大家選購,希望有需要的朋友們,能有多一個舒緩情緒,讓身心靈得到放鬆的選擇。
I had bought many different types of Palo Santo in Europe, as well as its essential oil, and I have to say I’m obsessed!  It becomes my ritual to use Palo Santo every night ever since I return to Hong Kong.  I feel calmer, more peaceful, grounded and relaxed plus getting good sleep at night on a regular basis.  Whether I’m practicing meditation, yoga, or even at the office, Palo Santo becomes an essential.
Palo Santo certainly is not a magic potion, but I have experienced a great improvement in my mental and emotional well-being.  So if you are struggling with the hectic city life, I would love to present you with high quality, sustainable Palo Santo wood stick and Palo Santo essential oil, as an option to help maintain the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.  

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