Simple Skincare Tips for Your Hands


ChuChu_5 Simple Skincare Tips for Your Hands

Our hands are one of the first areas to show signs of aging, but sadly, they are often forgotten as part of any sort of regimen.  In order to take care and protect your hands against visible signs of aging, here are our tips for keeping them healthy, soft and hydrated.


Make it a habit to always keep hand cream within reach no matter what the season is, be it in your bathroom or with you when you go out.  Using quality hand cream on a regular basis is the best way to form a protective layer on the skin to help prevent premature aging.   There is loads of hand cream options available on the market, and our favourites would be those that absorb nicely, leaving hands soft but non-greasy.

We recommend trying ChuChu’s Oatmeal hand & nail cream collection.  Packed with natural goodness your skin craved - skin loving botanical oils, skin soothing oatmeal extract and vitamin B5 to instantly lock in moisture, strengthen nails while soften and relieve dry cracked hands, leaves skin feeling nourished and hydrated. 


Ensure washing your hands with lukewarm water (avoid hot water) all year round and go for mild, hydrating glycerin hand soap.  Pat your hands dry thoroughly instead of rubbing to avoid skin damage.


Give your hands a gentle exfoliation once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells to allow hand cream penetrates fully into your skin.  Simply mix a teaspoon of brown sugar and coconut oil each, and a drop of your favourite essential oil.  Here you’re your DIY hand scrub is ready!

ChuChu_Skincare Tips for Dry Hands_Oatmeal Hand & Nail Cream


Take good care of your cuticles as they act as barriers to prevent infection.  It’s ok to push your cuticles back, but never trim them.  We also recommend giving your cuticles a gentle massage with ChuChu’s Oatmeal hand & nail cream collection or a drop of almond oil / jojoba oil to repair damage and strengthen nails.


Before going to bed, apply your favourite hand cream then slip on a pair of cotton hand gloves.  Keep the gloves on overnight while you sleep to help seal in the moisture for softer and smoother hands.

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