ChuChuSkincare Collection - Our Story



Your place for Luxury Artisan Skincare, Bath & Body products, inspired by the nature’s treasury.  CHUCHU is committed to keep your skin healthy while taking care of our planet.  We believe in the luxury of simplicity and that beautiful skin shouldn’t be complicated. 

We provide non-toxic and the highest possible quality natural products, crafted in small-batch to ensure its freshness and quality.  Each botanical and modern science ingredients we use are selected carefully by hand, to gently and effectively restore skin to its optimal health. 

We want you feel good about everything you put on your skin, so our recipes are free from nasty stuff, such as mineral oils, harsh chemicals/additives, paraben, SLS and synthetic fragrances/colorings.

At CHUCHU® Skincare, we hope to add sprinkles of love to your everyday life.  We now invite you to stop, slow down, take a deep breath, and give some loving kindness to your body, mind and soul.